Installing with Docker

Herbie's is available through Docker, which is a sort of like an easily-scriptable virtual machine. This page describes how to install the official Docker image for Herbie.

Herbie can also be installed normally.

Installing the Herbie image

First, install Docker. Docker supports Windows, OS X, and Linux. Depending on how you install Docker, you may need to prefix all docker commands on this page with sudo or run them as the root or administrative user.

With Docker installed, you should be able to download the Herbie image with:

docker pull uwplse/herbie

You can now run Herbie:

docker run uwplse/herbie -it

This will run Herbie, reading input from the standard input. To read from a file, you will need to mount the file in the Docker container. Do that with:

$ docker run -it \
    -v dir:/herbie/bench \
    uwplse/herbie bench/file

In this command, file is a file you want to run Herbie on, located in dir.